Thursday, April 15, 2010

a little dress up

I embarked on an ever so skeptical journey today to sew my very first article of clothing. I would describe myself as a beginner seamstress so I started small, petite if you will, and made a little pillowcase style dress for a sweet baby girl who is on her way.

I started with a fun tutorial from these ladies and 2 pieces of fabric about 18" x 22" and made a dress shape. From there it was simple sewing skills until I had to use a material I had never used before, a single fold bias tape. It took a little experimenting and a little help from my seam ripper to figure out the right way to attach it. Once I did, I had completed my mission and successfully sewed my first dress! Hooray!!

Isn't it just adorable? I can't wait until I can give it to the little lady that I made it for. She will be due in mid June. Yay! I know her mom will just love it! My awesome friend Amy and I will be throwing a party in the upcoming weeks for the sweet little baby girl on her way too.

Photos to come on my inspiration for the party and all my little crafty projects too!

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