Thursday, June 3, 2010

a little fresh & a little easy

So as you probably know, green is in and reusable bags are all the rage. I am especially excited to say that I submitted this design into a bag competition for Fresh and Easy Markets. They wanted a new spin on their reusable bag and what a better way than to have a competition. After all the submissions are looked at, they are going to pick 10 finalists and from there you will be able to vote for your favorite one [starting June 15]. I am definitely crossing my fingers that I make it as a finalist. So friends please think good thoughts and let me know what you think of my design.

Oh and if I make it as a finalist, I hope you all will vote for me, so you could be using a bad that I designed. How fun would that be?! And you never know, I might let you in on the prize: a year of free groceries. Did I hear bbq?


  1. Hey Cort! I love your blog :) I wish I was creative like you!

  2. awesome design cort! i'm impressed...