Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{DIY} paperless lists

I'm 90% sure I'm not the only person who has endless pieces of paper all over the place with messy to do lists written on them. And as a result, I think I've found an alternative to my obsessive list making: a homemade dry erase board, to write whatever it is I please. I found this cute one, and decided to make one of my own.

My dry erase how-to: I picked up a plain frame, painted it a funky old green, and then framed this adorable modern-ish fabric from Joann's. (Yes, I know it's that easy!)

Here's to more endless list making, just hopefully more organized and eco friendly!

This board also doubles as a nice piece of wall decor if you are ever in need of a quick art pick me up. I think this piece will finish up my frame collage in my room as well. YAY! Photos coming soon!


  1. Cort, you're creatively killing it these days! I guess I haven't been able to distract you with drinking and eating tacos...

    Blog is building momentum lady.

  2. very true my friend, although I kinda miss the drinks and tacos. And thanks, I'm trying to build an empire here, hehe.