Thursday, June 17, 2010

true brew love

Some people dread gift giving or even the thought of thinking what to get someone for the special occasion. I, on the other hand, love it and I had so much fun making this custom 6 pack of love brew for the boyfriend for our anniversary. I came across this idea months ago from my favorite feel good site and thought it was genius and I just knew that I would make it for my man some day 1. because he loves beer and 2. because he loves good design. Our anniversary came around and it gave me the perfect chance to put my design and craftiness to the test.

This is was THE perfect present. He loved it so much. Both of us coming from design backgrounds made it even better. He truly appreciated all the work and thought that went into it. I have to give props to cost plus and their 'make your own six pack' which allowed me to get a few of his favorite hard to get beers. This absolutely was a batch of true brew love, in every sense.

guy present vs. girl present, can you tell...

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