Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{DIY} feather hair clip

One of my favorite accessories that adds instant fun to any outfit, is a feather hair clip. I wear mine all the time and constantly get compliments so I thought I'd put together a little DIY tutorial on how to make them.

All you need is a bag of feathers, whatever your choice, felt ( I didn't have any so I used a small piece of bendable cardboard and black cotton fabric ) a goody hair clip, lots of hot glue and 30 minutes.

1. all the materials you need.
2. cut your material to desired size, I measured mine based on the size of the clip I was going to use. Also felt will make it easier so you don't have to cover the cardboard with black fabric like I did.
3. choose your feathers and play around with the options that you think will look the best.
4. I found my button collection and picked one to add a little flare at the end (and to cover the feather ends)
5. carefully glue the bottoms of the feathers onto your black fabric, make sure to start with the bottom layer first. add a button if you choose.
lastly, glue the clip on the opposite side, I figured out hot glue is not strong enough to withstand the clicking back and forth from the clip so super glue is the best. I usually let it dry for at least an hour so I know it's on there for good!

happy crafting friends.

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