Friday, August 12, 2011

three things

TGIF friends! Another week done, another weekend of relaxation ahead, woo hoo! All fun set aside, a little reminder for all of us. We are all guilty of filling our days with the busiest of schedules and not exactly taking time for ourselves or our mental and physical health. My biggest goal lately, has been just that. Remembering to take a minute and not get overwhelmed, to workout and enjoy it, and to eat sensibly, within means. Here are three things that have helped me this week do just that!

my favorite smell: voluspa goji & tarocco orange candle. it smells like a gummy bear

my first lululemon purchase that has already been put to good use in yoga class

 the tastiest french macaroons from bottega louie in downtown la, a treat from the boyfriend

have a great weekend!! 

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