Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY {business card case}

Business is on the up and up over here lately so one thing I've needed to fix is the constant bending and messing up of my nice business cards in my purse. Clearly, I was on the lookout for a nice and simple business card case that wasn't too over the top, something to keep my cards clean yet a little stylish. When looking for ideas, I found this one that I loved, only problem being I couldn't get my hands on any leather. Then I found this gem and got a whole new idea. This is what I'll be carrying my little business cards around in now.

materials needed:

fabric of choice
sewing machine

Measure the size of whatever it is you're making a case for. Mine for example was for business cards.
Take the height of the business cards, add 1/2'' and multiply by two to get the height of your rectangle. As for the width, use the length of your card plus 1/2''.

Then for the envelope shape, add a triangle to the top of your rectangle about the height of your card. Allow yourself 1/2'' for seams all around. After you've figured out your numbers, draw your shape twice so you have two pieces of fabric.

Cut the shapes out and sew together, right sides in. Make sure you leave room at the bottom for you to be able to turn it right side out. Flip and press.

Fold like an envelope, press again and sew the side edges. I wanted to add a bit more color to my new little business card case so I added a colorful button I had on hand. That's it!

I've already had a request for one from a friend. Happy crafting!!

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