Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY {refinished dinning table & chairs}

Ever since we moved into our little place, we've been sans dinning table due to limited space. We immediately were on the hunt for the perfect size table to fit our tiny open space that we had deemed as the spot our 'dinning table' would go one day. In a matter of time, we got a call from our family that they had found the perfect sized table on the side of the road and snagged it up for us. Ergo my big dinning table refinishing project begun. I enlisted the help of my dad (the best handy man I know) and after a few months of work, a few hours a day, we finished this beaut. Taadaa! What do you think? 

It was a long process mostly because we decided to change the color of the table all together. We had to strip and sand the pine-ish type wood that the table was crafted from and make sure it was ready for the enormous amount of black stain that we were about to cover it in. (stripping was the worst part!) After a few coats of stain were applied, it was time to reupholster the seat cushions. I scoured a local furniture warehouse for a durable fabric that was simple and I found this black and white tweed that I thought fit nicely. This was probably the longest and most extensive project that I've done but I am more than happy with the results and I'm glad I got the chance to work with my dad on the makeover! 

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