Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mr oreo & mrs brownie

My latest sweet creation married two of my favorites, brownies and oreos. I'm not quite sure why I've never tried mixing these two before but thank goodness for left over oreos. I decided to whip up this treat over the weekend because 1. sweets always make a good present for friends and 2. it was a gloomy day and baking almost always makes me feel better. 

I simply followed a normal brownie recipe and then after researching a few oreo brownie recipes, I decided to toss my crushed oreos in a tablespoon or two of flour (to prevent them from sinking to the bottom) and bake. I waited for them to cool then cut in small squares. Easy as that! For a nice package, I put the brownies in parchment and plastic wrapped with baker's twine, a tag made from a TJ's bag with "eat up" stamped on it.

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