Friday, September 2, 2011

three things

As an art major in school most of our subject matters were very precise and detailed but there were a few projects that were left to interpret in our own ways and those were always my favorite. Reminders were one of those topics. What do you need to be reminded of? For me the number one thing is patience and the only time I feel an abundance of patience is when I'm doing something I love. Here are three reminders that kept me in the right spirits this week just in time for the holiday weekend.

a pillow, I dyed, designed and sewed as a huge reminder for how I want my world to be; calm 

 a simple reminder to create something you love. I enjoy seeing this everyday

a dog tag style pendant I made from silver and copper as my biggest reminder of patience. I am the most patient around animals and this was inspired from my first cat, paz which also in spanish means peace.

Here's to a relaxing and fun holiday weekend!!!

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