Tuesday, October 18, 2011

pumpkin on pumpkin

You know it's fall when I start baking anything with pumpkin and I couldn't be happier. On one of my usual trips to the market during the week, I was able to sample a delicious take on the fall staple, pumpkin butter. I tried it with an open mind and found it delightful, not too heavy and the perfect spread for a little spice of pumpkin. I knew I wanted to accompany it with a bread of some sort, 1 because the bottle says if mixed with cream cheese, you won't eat anything else (OK it doesn't say exactly that, but as soon as I thought of the combo, I knew it's be to die for!) and 2 because who doesn't like pumpkin bread or even better, bread's little cousin, muffins. 

I can assure you that this combination of pumpkin on pumpkin is killer. Although either by themselves are equally as tasty.  So get out your pumpkin and start baking!

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