Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY {mini tassel garland}

Call me crazy but, I'm guessing that you've seen a few of these around the world wide web lately and I'll bet that you love them as much as I do. Honestly, who wouldn't? For the last couple months, I've been wanting to make my own tassel garland but haven't found the right materials (you know I want some gold in there!) So I decided to try a mini version in valentine's colors instead and get some practice in for the real thing. I grabbed tissue paper in the colors I wanted, bright pink, red and light pink and scissors. Although I think crepe paper would work a tab bit nicer. She thinks so too! 

I think this tiny decor would spice up any little present you'd like to give someone for the upcoming love holiday, even a cute little succulent. Happy crafting friends!

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