Monday, June 27, 2011

hello monday: glamping

Hello Monday! On this Monday morning, the perfect activity to de-stress for the week, would be glamping in one of these playful bohemian tents at The Martyn House. Yes, I did say glamping (glamorous+camping) now that's my kind of camping! I have to admit that I have never experienced the exhilarating thrill of actual camping so this glamorous type would logically seem more appealing, although that's not the only reason this is so appealing to many people like myself. According to the Martyn House history, these tents were used several thousand years ago for royal and cultural ceremonies and more recently to entertain the wealthy American and European travelers who sought after adventure in the wild. Not to mention these circus-like tents come with a hearty breakfast daily, and evening cocktail hour. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to glamp for the week?

Here's to another week that is hopefully a little less stressful!

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