Thursday, April 19, 2012

the local flea

This past weekend I actually had a day that was completely me. I got up early and headed out for the local antique flea. The weather was more than welcoming to spend a couple hours outdoors scouring the flea for fun finds and I was even more excited to get my man to come with me to pick up some fun new decor treasures for our home.

Of course it wouldn't be a successful trip without picking up a few goodies. We found a rustic deer antler and spiced it up with some paint. We also snatched up a vintage metal card drawer and decided it was perfect to use as a succulent planter. Naturally, I got to peruse a bunch of glitz and glamorous jewels that were beyond hard to resist. Luckily, I only came home with a few gold pieces. A girl's gotta have a little vintage glam right!

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